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Dictionary of official languages of the European Union - 200 common phrases translated into 24 languages of the 28 member states of the European Union

This is the most useful dictionary for all French who travel in Europe.
The indispensable formulas of common conversation in 24 languages of the European Union.


9,50 €

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Dictionnary of regional languages of France - 200 key phrases translated in 55 languages, dialects and patois.

This is the dictionary that reunites the 55 principal regional languages of France.

12,00 €

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Dictionary of phrases and words for everyday life French-English

12,500 phrases and 8,500 words ordered alphabetically to learn English, to express oneself and to be understood all around the world.

9,90 €

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Dictionary of savant words of the French language - The 4,000 premier words to learn to enrich one's vocabulary and to express oneself with the right words

This is the « Petit Goursau », a dictionary of words seldom used to respond to the wait of a public who loves the French language.
9,90 €

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Around the world in 180 languages - 200 phrases in 180 languages ordered alphabetically


19,00 €

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Aeronautical dictionary – French/English – English/French

Over 5,000 technical translations adapted to your activity to be more comfortable in your professional life.
10,00 €

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Dictionary of Aeronautics in 20 languages - English

Over 4,000 English aviation terms translated into twenty languages

40,00 €

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Dictionary of Medicine - English/French

Featuring more than 150 000 French translations, this dictionary covers all vocabulary relating to the different branches of medicine, science and medical techniques. 
25,00 €

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Dictionary of Aeronautics and Space Technology - French/English

The "Dictionary of Aeronautics and Space Technology" contains in a practical size - 730 pages, 30,000 words and expressions - more than 50,000 translations and acceptations from aerospace science and techniques. 

50,00 €