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Multilingual dictionary of Football

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ISBN: 2904105492
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Henri Goursau, eminent lexicograph, author of numerous translation dictionaries, was very enthusiastic to do an inventory of the main vocabularies of football in several languages. A sport that has become a national passion, especially since 1998 when, for the first time in her history, France was the sacred champion of football.

During nearly three years he compiled the essential technical terms and expressions used by professionals. The result are these 2,500 words and expressions of football language translated into ten grand international languages.

In order to facilitate communication with the other great footballer countries, England, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Italy, the Netherlands, Brazil, Argentine, Russia and Ukraine you will find in his work ten bilingual dictionaries of the most commonly used words in football.

The number of foreign players in the professional French clubs has only increased since the beginning of the 1980's. The message that a trainer wants to transmit to his players must be understood precisely and this communication is not always easy for those who work abroad or who manage foreign players.

Numerous French players who play in foreign clubs and living in complete immersion are complete beginners in the local languages. The language barrier in an important reality with which francoph